Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greyhound Bus Station

While driving around Blytheville earlier today, I happened by the old Greyhound bus station. The inside of the station was busy with workers applying their skills of various expertise in order to bring the old girl back to her grandeur of years past. 

Once an eyesore, this magnificent building is making a comeback. Built in 1938 by architect Ben Watson White, the Greyhound bus station has served Blytheville well through the years. Back in the day, it was an economical, yet efficient way in which to travel long distances for the common citizen. Didn't have a car, or a commercial flight was out of the question if not impossible? Take the Greyhound bus.

I can only imagine how many families in this area have stood in front of this bus station waving goodbye to their loved ones as they sent them off to military duty, some of which never did make it back home. I for one, remember boarding the bus at this very depot en route to Army boot camp. The image of my parents waving goodbye to me is still as vivid today as it was in 1982. Mixed emotions from fear of really leaving home for the first time coupled with the excitement of seeing the world cluttered my mind.

My journey to Germany where I was stationed for 4 years all began at the entrance of the Blytheville Greyhound bus station. My travels included various parts of England, France, Holland, and Switzerland. I owe a lot to this bus terminal. Tried and true friends that I hold dear to my heart and keep in touch with on a regular basis to this day all began on the steps of this building.

I'm glad that our city government saw fit to save this building. It is believed to be only one of three art deco style Greyhound bus stations existing today, so Blytheville is truly blessed to have such a treasure, and it makes our community unique.

I encourage you to drive by and take a look at the station if you haven't done so recently. Think of the history that this beautiful structure holds, and how many families lives it has touched in the past. It truly is a piece of art. The bus station can be seen at 109 N. Fifth street.


  1. That is just fantastic. I lived in McKinney, TX and someone converted their station into a shop.

  2. Here is the McKinney station today: