Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stolen Police Car

How brazen are the criminals becoming? An article in tonight's Courier News shows that they are increasing in their boldness. Who in their right mind would resort to stealing a cop car? Knowing that criminals are first and foremost opportunists, the officer should have known better than to leave his car running without locking it first! The culprit who pulled this stunt will be bragging about stealing a cop car for years to come. It's nothing more than a feather in this delinquent’s hat.

Why the police chief declined to acknowledge if a weapon was in the car or not is beyond me. I personally believe that the general public has a right to know if a weapon was stolen or not. As for the chief not wanting to advertise what may or may not be in a patrol car, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what equipment is associated with being a peace officer. All one has to do is to turn on the television.

I have little doubt that the justice system will most certainly make an example out of the person or persons responsible for this. As for the officer, he has to bear some of the responsibilities himself for being negligent in securing property (car) which the tax payers have entrusted him with.

Once again, I implore the mayor elect James Sanders to take swift action in curtailing the activities of the criminal element once he is sworn in to office.

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